The Camp Fire

December 12, 2018

I have spent the past couple of days in the area of the Camp Fire – the Chico/Paradise area.  I was able to drive to the entrance of Paradise, but not beyond.  It is still off limits - even to most homeowners – while the process of clearing trees and repairing power lines continues.  No one knows how long it might be before residents of Paradise are allowed back in to assess the damage to their homes.


The contrast with the hurricane damaged communities is striking.  I did not speak with a single person in the Chico/Paradise area who had not lost their home or had a family member or close friend lose their home.  The stoicism disguises a burden of grief that has weighed down the entire populace.  Hurricanes Florence & Harvey damaged or destroyed more homes, but the tragic nature of what happened to one entire, small community in northern California is so dramatic it is difficult to imagine or explain.