Disaster Relief, LLC is now accepting orders from North & South Carolina homeowners - victims of Hurricane Florence.

For a limited time, you will be able to purchase a Disaster Loss Report for our First Responders’ price of $425.00.

Order now and within ten business days we will deliver an estimate of the Fair Market Value of your home immediately prior to the hurricane, and - based on your input - an estimate of Fair Market Value following the disaster.

With this documentation, you can file for a tax deduction that might be your fastest avenue to the cash you need to begin rebuilding your life.


 If your claim does not result in a tax refund or tax reduction that is greater than the fee charged by Disaster Relief, we will refund the difference.  YOU CAN’T LOSE!

 If the amount of money to which the taxpayer is entitled, as per the Disaster Loss Deduction reported to the IRS on Form 4684, is not sufficient to cover the cost of the services provided by Disaster Relief, LLC, we will refund the difference to the customer, who represents they are both the homeowner and a taxpayer.*   

You may place an order by phone @ 843-724-7870 or you may order online.

Disaster Relief, LLC will begin accepting orders for Florida homeowners who were victims of Hurricane Michael in late November.

* This guarantee shall be limited to the cost of the services provided by Disaster Relief less any tax refund or tax reduction received by the customer as a result of the service provided by Disaster Relief.  Customer must be a taxpayer in good standing with the IRS and be entitled to a Disaster Loss tax reduction or tax refund in an amount equal to or greater than the cost of the services provided by Disaster Relief, LLC, according to their tax status.  Customer may be required to provide Disaster Relief, LLC with a certified copy of the Form 4684 filed with the IRS and any response received from the IRS with respect to said form.  This offer will expire six months after Disaster Relief has completed its work and delivered its final report.  This guarantee does not apply to the accuracy of the valuation provided by Disaster Relief, LLC., but rather to the cost of the services.  If the tax reduction or tax refund received by the customer is less than the cost of the services provided by Disaster Relief, LLC due to a reimbursement received by the customer (insurance or other), this guarantee shall not apply..